BOOKING NOW! | SUMMER TERM 2018 | Saturday Music Club *free trials any time of year* | Easter Workshops | Eaton Square | Wetherby | Chepstow House | Private & Skype Tuition

BOOKING NOW! | SUMMER TERM 2018 | Saturday Music Club *free trials any time of year* | Easter Workshops | Eaton Square | Wetherby | Chepstow House | Private & Skype Tuition


BOOKING NOW! | SUMMER TERM 2018 | Saturday Music Club *free trials any time of year* | Easter Workshops | Eaton Square | Wetherby | Chepstow House | Private & Skype Tuition




Children’s Saturday Music Clubs

Spring Term | 13th Jan – 24th March 2018

Our highly popular saturday music clubs for children run through each school term. The activities on each day will be different, so children can be booked for the entire term or just individual days.

We offer the choice of two groups for Saturday club depending on the childs age:

  • Saturday Club Juniors (Age 4-6)
  • Saturday Club Seniors (Age 7-12)

We offer free 1 day trials throughout the year contact us for more details.

  • The saturday club runs from 2pm to 4pm every saturday during the term

  • Choose individual days to suit

  • We accept childcare vouchers in lieu of workshop fees

  • Saturday Clubs are held at The Hall of Remembrance, Flood Street, Chelsea SW3 5SY

  • Please feel free to contact us for further information or click to book

Saturday Club Juniors

  • Fun, Engaging, Creative!

    In a welcoming, nurturing and upbeat environment, our Juniors enjoy a wide variety of musical activities and games, including singing, body percussion, djembe drumming, xylophone, percussive performance and music puzzles. Children establish a singing voice and discover different vocal timbres, develop watching & listening skills, encourage movement and body awareness, imitate song phrases, and develop memory & numeracy skills; all of which are created to build your child’s confidence, creativity and enjoyment of music.

  • CHENGA!© Chelsea Quavers’ unique & creative hands-on educational game

    Launched in November 2017, CHENGA!© has been created to enable children easily identify note values, beats and simple time signatures, as well as easily identify note names in the treble and bass clefs and in relation to a piano keyboard! The children love this interactive and tactile.

  • Children Learn to Read & Write Music

    From the outset, your child will be introduced to reading and writing basic notation using our fun, colourful & easy-to-follow method – the highly acclaimed series of Chelsea Quavers Music Puzzles©. For those children that are not yet writing numbers of letters, we have a number of activities to engage children in identifying and reproducing these shapes, as well as basic addition.

  • ‘Quiet Time’ Listening

    Children enjoy ‘Quiet Time’ where they lie for about ten minutes and listen to some calming music from the Baroque, Classical or Romantic eras. As well as developing active listening skills, children are able to switch off, relax and mentally digest what they have been working on during the first half of Club in preparation for more fun and games!

  • Small Tutor Groups

    Small Tutor Groups of no more than six children per Tutor ensure a healthy combination of 1:1 attention and group interaction. Every child progresses at his/her individual pace.

  • Star of the Week Award!

    Each week our Star of the Week is chosen awarded with our school mascot cuddly toy, Chutney the dog, to take home! Chutney is given to a child who is showing particular promise, improved participation/performance, being helpful and kind to the other children, good listening skills.

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Saturday Club Seniors

  • Wednesday 4 April Trombone/bassoon (TBC), drum kit, piano, xylophone, Musical Enrichment Project
  • Thursday 5 April  Trombone/bassoon (TBC), rhythmic composition & performance, drum kit, piano, xylophone, Musical Enrichment Project

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NEW 2018! Musical Enrichment Programme

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Musical Enrichment Programme at our Easter Workshops. The Chelsea Quavers’ Musical Enrichment Programme has been developed to deliver a broader musical education, beyond the limitations of the school curriculum.

  • Unique Individual-Focused Tuition for Complete Beginners to Grade 5 & beyond

    Chelsea Quavers prides itself on providing individually-focused tuition to cater for all levels of ability and experience within the Workshop environment. Every activity is tailored to suit a variety of age groups and abilities from the complete beginner to Grade 5 and beyond. We prepare pupils for ABRSM examinations and offer revision and tuition as part of the workshops for those pupils sitting exams.

  • Small Tutor Groups enhance individual attention and accelerated progress

    Each of our talented and experienced Tutors is dedicated to a group of no more than six pupils. This enables each child to progress at his/her own pace and enjoy an unrivalled amount of 1:1 attention. We are committed to building and developing close relationships with our pupils and families. Many of our Tutors have been with us since Chelsea Quavers Music School first opened its doors five years ago, and we take pride in maintaining a friendly, professional and supportive environment.

  • Learn to Read & Write music!

    At all of our Workshops, all children are taught to read and write music, develop essential aural skills, experience the joy of ensemble performance, sing and engage in rhythmic & melodic reading. Children are encouraged to identify and develop skills to the best of their ability.
    Children from the age of 4 upwards learn from a colourful, fun and creative series of the highly acclaimed Chelsea Quavers’ Music Puzzles, and for the older, more experienced pupils, we teach the ABRSM Theory syllabus for all Grades. Whether your child is currently studying, or is a complete beginner to music, Chelsea Quavers specialises in encouraging and enabling every individual to perform beyond their own expectations – and to develop skills they didn’t even know they had!

  • Performance Experience

    For those children that learn an instrument there are plenty of opportunities for them to perform solos or to play as part of an ensemble with our talented Tutors!

  • All Abilities Age 4-12

    We cater for all abilities from complete beginner to experienced young musicians up to Grade 5 Practical and Theory. All children are taught in small groups of no more than six to one Tutor.