(a) In the event of school closures, wherever possible we shall make all efforts to offer a minimum of one alternative lesson slot to fit around the school timetable during the same week of the originally booked slot. If it is not possible to agree an alternative date during that week, then an alternative slot will be offered over the half-term or holiday period. Fees are not refundable.


(i) Termly fees for Saturday Club, After School Club, or Holiday Workshops (“Clubs”), Skype, Zoom, Online and In-person Tuition as stated on our website are payable in full in advance of commencement dates. Chelsea Quavers reserves the right not to Tutor in the circumstance of fees remaining outstanding unless previously agreed by arrangement

(ii) Once dates have been booked for any Club, Skype, Zoom, Online and/or In-person Tuition these are non-transferable and non-refundable for any reason other than the failure of Chelsea Quavers Limited (“Chelsea Quavers”) to provide a Club

(iii) It is not possible to swap or exchange or defer date/s booked for Saturday Music Club, Holiday Workshops, After School Clubs, Skype, Zoom, Online and In-person Tuition

(iv) Fees for private tuition are payable in advance and are non-transferable and non-refundable and Chelsea Quavers is not obliged to replace a lesson which a pupil has not attended regardless of the reason, including illness and/or religious holidays. A full term’s fees are payable regardless of the individual pupil’s availability to attend

(v) In the event of poor or no broadband reception during any Skype, Zoom or Online lesson Chelsea Quavers is not obliged to refund fees

(vi) If, for any reason, Chelsea Quavers is is unable fulfil After School Clubs, or Holiday Workshops (“Clubs”), Skype, Zoom, Online and In-person Tuition, alternative dates will be offered or a full refund or credit note will be made available

(vii) If the whole or part of any Club is cancelled by a parent 30 days or more prior to the start date a full refund will be made less a £50 administration fee and less any bank/PayPal charges which may be applicable

(viii) If the whole of part of any Club is cancelled by a parent 30 days or less prior to the start date of a Holiday Workshop no refund shall be given and Chelsea Quavers shall suffer no recourse

(ix) In the event of bad weather preventing a student from attending a Club fees remain payable and no refund shall be given

(x) Any damage or loss caused by a pupil whilst on the premises at a Club will be charged to the parent/s or guardian/s

(xi) If a child is ill, unwell, sleeping, badly behaved, disruptive, physically threatening to either other pupils, Tutors or parents at any Club or online lesson, Chelsea Quavers reserves the right to kindly ask the parent/guardian to remove the child with immediate effect and no refund shall be given

(xii) Before attending any Club a Student Information Form must be completed by the child’s parent/guardian giving full details of educational needs, food allergies, medical issues and any medication required in order that our staff are fully informed about every child’s individual needs

(xiii) Although Chelsea Quavers shall endeavour to do so, it is not guaranteed that all the activities listed, promoted or advertised for each Holiday Workshop, Saturday Club or After School Club will be offered at any one time and we reserve the right to change the subject matter or Tutors at any time without notice or recourse

(xiv) Chelsea Quavers is not liable or responsible in part or whole thereof for any pupil failing any exam or scholarship audition for which he/she has been prepared by our Tutors and/or at our Clubs

(xv) ABRSM fees are payable by parents in advance of booking by Chelsea Quavers on behalf of the pupil. Failure to do so may result in Chelsea Quavers not making an application for said pupil. There is a £15 administrative fee added to the cost of each ABRSM exam application fee which is included in the total fees due from parents

(xvi) Once exam fees have been paid by Chelsea Quavers on behalf of any pupil whether or not the pupil sit the exam are not refundable

(xvii) Failure of any pupil to attend an examination for which he/she has been prepared by Chelsea Quavers is the responsibility of the parent of that pupil and there shall be no refund payable or recourse from Chelsea Quavers in respect of absenteeism

(xviii) Photographs of children at Clubs may be taken by Chelsea Quavers’ Tutors but will not be published on our website or any other platform without the consent of parents

(xix) Chelsea Quavers reserves the right to replace any Tutor originally booked for private tuition, Skype tuition, Clubs or Workshops without notice and without recourse

(xx) i-Phones, tablets, laptops and any technical equipment are not to be brought to any Saturday Club, After School Club or Holiday Workshop. If a child attends with any of the fore-mentioned the article will be placed in the trust of the Tutors for the duration of the Club and handed back to the pupil at the end

(xxi) Chelsea Quavers reserves the right to review amend any or all of the above Terms & Conditions at any time without notice and without recourse

(xxii) Chelsea Quavers reserves the right to amend fees at any point and without prior notice.