CPD (Continued Professional Development) – our commitment to investing in the highest standards in Tutor Training & Development

We take continued professional development seriously, and go the extra mile to ensure all our Tutors work together as a united team committed to deliver the highest standards in music education with the appropriate support and training. Our highly trained Tutors are a valued asset, some of whom have been working with us since the school opened in 2013.

Ofsted Chelsea Quavers Music School is registered with Ofsted, registration number EY498523.

DBS Certification all our Tutors are DBS qualified.

St John Ambulance First Aid Training a number of our Tutors are qualified in Emergency Paediatric First Aid.

Child Protection in Education (Music) updated to reflect KCSIE 2018 and provided by EduCare. All our Tutors have taken, or are in the process of studying, towards Level 2 certification in  (see below for course syllabus).

Child Protection in Education (Music) is a bespoke course developed by the Musicians’ Union in partnership with EduCare. The purpose of this course is to raise Tutors’ awareness of abuse, neglect and other harms, help them to recognise early signs that might indicate a problem, and guide them on how to take appropriate action.

This course is suitable for anyone who works with children and young people in a music setting. This five module course covers:

  • what forms child abuse can take (including other harms such as FGM, forced marriage and sexual exploitation) and the effect it can have
  • extremism, radicalisation, and the Prevent duty
  • signs that may mean a child is suffering abuse and how to respond if a child confides in a Tutor
  • processes for reporting abuse
  • the child protection system.

The course also includes short films demonstrating good and bad practice examples on the following issues:

  • inappropriate communication with children
  • inappropriate demonstration of technique
  • dealing with a difficult group situation
  • responding to concerns about abuse.