Chelsea Quavers Music School has been awarded a 100% Bursary for a musically gifted child to study at Saturday Music School from 2017 to 2020.

For more information about Saturday Music School click here. For more information about the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation click here.

Lord Lloyd Webber used his acceptance speech at Classic FM’s BRIT Awards in London’s Royal Albert Hall to launch a blistering attack on policies that have seen the amount of music being taught in schools decrease over recent years. In a rousing speech he said: “It is vital that we keep music in our schools. It is absolutely ludicrous that that government does not understand… because it’s not about turning children necessarily into musicians, it’s about empowering them in all sorts of different ways. 

Application Criteria

Applicants must be aged between 5 and 13 and able to demonstrate a natural musical ability and an enthusiasm to learn (whether or not they currently study an instrument or have music lessons), and shall attend a non-fee paying school. The Applicant’s parent/s carer/s will be in receipt of Family Tax Credits for the current tax year.

Audition Process (age-specific)

(i) Aural assessment including clapping back a rhythm, singing back a melody, identifying intervals
(ii) Instrumental or Singing Performance (optional – first instrument only if applicable)
(iii) Working with a Tutor on CQ Music Puzzles/ABRSM Theory syllabus

Application Process

Please click here to request further information.

Further Information

If you require additional information or help in the applications process, please contact our Principal, Claire Meyer, on 07899 678 655 or via email at