Please refer to your ABRSM Eric Taylor Grade 1 Theory in Practice workbook when watching these Tutorials. If you require additional help please speak with your Tutor. Alternatively, we provide online tuition by appointment.

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Manuscript (medium)
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Piano Keyboard (showing sharps, flats, semitones & tones)
Grade 1 Key Signatures


The order of our videos corresponds to the order shown on the Contents page of the Eric Taylor workbook. Simply click on the Tutorials you wish to view.

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(1) Short Introduction

(2) Time Values (Eric Taylor p4)

(3) Bar Lines & Time Signatures (Eric Taylor p5)
(4) Bar Lines & Time Signature (Eric Taylor p5, ex5)

(5) Notes on the Stave (Eric Taylor p 6)
(6) Ledger Lines (Eric Taylor p6)
(7) Stems (Eric Taylor p7)

(8) Treble Clef Notes Part I (Eric Taylor p8-9)
(9) Treble Clef Notes Part II (Eric Taylor p8-9)

(10) Bass Clef Notes Part I (Eric Taylor p8-9)
(11) Bass Clef Notes Part II (Eric Taylor p8-9)

(12) More on Time Values (Eric Taylor p10, ex1, ex2)
(13) More on Time Values (Eric Taylor p10, ex3)
(14) Grouping/Beaming Notes

(15) Rests (Eric Taylor p11)
(16) Rests (Eric Taylor p11, ex2)

(17) Ties (Eric Taylor p12)
(18) Ties (Eric Taylor p12, ex1)

(19) Dotted Notes (Eric Taylor p12-13)
(20) Dotted Rests (Eric Taylor p12-13)
(21) Dotted Notes (Eric Taylor p13, ex2)

(22) Accidentals (Eric Taylor p14)
(23) Accidentals (Eric Taylor p14, ex2)
(24) Accidentals (Eric Taylor p14, ex3)
(25) Semitones & Tones (Eric Taylor p15)
(26) Semitones & Tones (Eric Taylor p15, ex 1)

SCALES & KEY SIGNATURES (Eric Taylor p16-18)
(27) Scale & Key Signature of C Major
(28) Scale & Key Signature of G Major
(29) Scale of G Major with Key Signature
(30) Scale & Key Signature of D Major
(31) Scale of D Major with Key Signature
(32) Scale & Key Signature of F Major
(33) Scale of F Major with Key Signature
(34) Summary of All Grade 1 Key Signatures (C, G, D, F Major)

(35) Cancelling an Accidental (Eric Taylor p19)

(36) Key Notes (Eric Taylor p20-21)
(37) Degree of the Scale (Eric Taylor p20-21)
(38) Intervals (Eric Taylor p20-21)
(39) Degrees of the Scale (Eric Taylor p20, ex2)
(40) Degrees of the Scale (Eric Taylor p21, 2&3)

(41) The Tonic Triad (Eric Taylor p22) 

(42) Composing an Answering Rhythm (Eric Taylor p22-26)

Performance Directions (Eric Taylor p27-28 please refer to your book)