Keeping children engaged through creative music-making!


Saturday Music Club currently on hold

2-4pm | The Hut Alpha Place Chelsea SW3 5SZ

Building confidence & musical skills

Every child at the Saturday music club is immersed in a host of fun, engaging & creative musical activities including singing, djembe, glockenspiel, recorder & percussion performance, improvisation, body movement, reading & writing music & live performances of orchestral instruments!

Our wonderful Tutors

We have created a friendly and supportive environment with highly qualified and experienced Tutors hand-picked for their ability to positively and intuitively engage with children. All of our music club tutors have a minimum of one to three Music Degrees

from a globally recognised Conservatoire or Music College.

Fun, engaging, creative!

The Chelsea Quavers Music Puzzles© have been carefully crafted to develop well-rounded young musicians in the art of reading, writing and performing music from the very beginning. In a welcoming, nurturing and upbeat environment, our Juniors enjoy a wide variety of musical activities and games. Children establish their singing voices and discover different vocal timbres, develop watching & listening skills, encourage movement and body awareness, imitate song phrases, and develop memory & numeracy skills; all of which are created to build your child’s confidence, creativity and enjoyment of music. In ‘Quiet Time’ children sit or lie down quietly to listen to a piece of Baroque, Classical or Romantic music – a perfect little window for young minds to find calm and serenity.

Performance Spotlight

Children enjoy a variety of instrumental performances & demonstrations by our Tutors and other pupils, and we actively encourage children of all ages and experience to perform to one another. Twice a term the Juniors are invited to the Seniors group to perform to one another. This develops self-confidence, active listening skills and and overall enjoyment of live performance.

CHENGA!© Chelsea Quavers’ creative hands-on educational game

CHENGA!© has been created to enable children easily identify note values, beats and simple time signatures, as well as easily identify note names in the treble and bass clefs and in relation to a piano keyboard! The children love this interactive, colourful and tactile way of learning.

Children learn to read & write music

Using our highly acclaimed series of Chelsea Quavers Music Puzzles©, children learn to read and write music in a fun, colourful and easy-to-follow method. Loved by children, parents and school heads alike! Every child progresses at his/her individual pace.

‘Quiet Time’ listening

Children enjoy ‘Quiet Time’ where they lie for about ten minutes and listen to some calming music from the Baroque, Classical or Romantic eras. As well as developing active listening skills, children are able to switch off, relax and mentally digest what they have been working on during the first half of Club in preparation for more fun and games!

Small Tutor Groups

Small Tutor Groups of  an average of three to four children per Tutor ensure a healthy combination of 1:1 attention and group interaction. Every child progresses at his/her individual pace.  

Star of the Week award!

Each week our Star of the Week is presented to a child who is showing particular promise, improved participation/ performance, being helpful and kind to the other children, good listening skills.




He has been absolutely enchanted by his experience on Saturday afternoon!  

Mother of a 5 year old

We are eternally grateful for Chelsea Quavers for sparking a well of endless curiosity & love of music in our son, and I most highly recommend it to anyone seeking an exceptional musical education for their children.

Hila Plittman, Grammy award-winning soprano

When my son first came Chelsea Quavers he was very shy and didn’t join in much. However, in the last 3 months at Saturday Club his confidence has blossomed.

Mother of 4 year old