ABRSM Practical & Performance Exams


NEW! ABRSM Performance Exams

For Grades 1-8 (pre-recorded 100% performance) candidates select and perform four pieces or songs, presented as a continuous programme; at least three pieces need to be from ABRSM’s existing syllabus and one is of the candidate’s own choice. For more information click here.

Performance Exam Dates 2021
Month in which to submit video October 2021 (exam booking period 6-Sep to 13-Sep)
Month in which to submit video November 2021 (exam booking period 6-Oct to 13-Oct)
Month in which to submit video December 2021 (exam booking period 3-Nov to 10-Nov)


ABRSM Practical Exams

For Grades 1-8 (in-person) candidates select and perform three pieces or songs, scales & arpeggios, aural (listening skills) and sight reading. For more information click here.

Practical Exam Dates 2021
Exam period 8-Nov to 11-Dec 2021 (exam booking period 27-Sep to 7-Oct)


ABRSM Theory Exams (Grades 1 to 5 online)

On demand, throughout the year, candidates may select when to book and when to take an online Music Theory exam throughout the year. Once the exam is booked, candidates have 28 days to take their exam. They may choose any date and time during this period. For more information click here.


ABRSM Theory Exams (Grades 6 to 8 paper)

One in-person date allocated for each period as below. For more information click here.

Exam date 5.00pm Tuesday 16-Nov 2021 (exam booking period 17-Sep to 7-Oct)


If you would like tuition to help with an upcoming exam please contact us on 0203 794 6200 or email us or alternatively use the contact form here.