CQ Flash Cards – Performance Directions (Grade 5)


This series of beautiful quality Chelsea Quavers’ Flash Cards© guides pupils through the process of memorising Performance Directions for the ABRSM Theory exams (Grade 5).

Why use Flash Cards?
In each ABRSM Theory exam from Grade 1 to 5 the questions on Performance Directions are worth a minimum of 10%. This can make the difference between a pass or a fail, or a distinction and a merit.

(i) Keep it simple learn one new performance direction a day.
(ii) Go Fish with a friend! Spread out all the cards on the table with the Performance Directions facing upwards. Take it in turns to pick up a card and give the correct answer. The person with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!
(iii) Pick-up Place the full pack in a neat pile and pick up a new flash card one at a time. If your answer is correct place the flash card in one pile, and place incorrect answers in a different pile.